domingo, 17 de noviembre de 2013

my favourite singers

                               MY FAVOURITE SINGERS

hello¡ my name is Lucia and ive got 12 years .i live in Salamanca (Spain) ive got a young brother, his name is favourite color is pulple. My favourites hobbies are: ride a bike, talk with my friends and listening to music
 my favourites singers are one direction.(Zayn,Lois,Liam,Harry and Nial)
One Direction is a british musc band 

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  1. It's ok, Lucía but a little short. You could say something about their songs or why you like this band so much. And correct the spelling. Remember, capital letter at the beginning of a paragraph, after full stop and the pronoun "I".
    Correct: It's " I am 12 years old".