martes, 12 de noviembre de 2013

My name is Jennifer and i'm 12 years old. I live in Salamanca. I have one brother, his name is Diego and he has 3 years old. I like spend time with my friends. I like watch Tv and my favourite programme is Big Time Rush. My favourite singer is Miley Cyrus because i love her songs and because she's rebel like me. My favourite movie is Spanish Movie because when i whached it, i laughed a lot. I love sports and especially Volleyball. My favourite food is chocolate because i love the sweet food. When i grow up i want to become Plastic Surgeon. I would like travel to Paris because i watch a documentary in the Tv and i liked it. The only animal i have had is a hamster. And finally i love to read  and wirtte my stories.

This is my hamster, Pochi.

 In this photo we're my best friends and i.

Miley Cyrus, my favourite singer.

My favourite Movie: Spanish Movie.



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