lunes, 11 de noviembre de 2013

A trip to remember.

Hi! My name is Fátima Hernández Pérez, I´m 12 years old and I live in Zamayón. I studied in CRA Ribera de Cañedo (Zamayón).For three days in 5th and 6th grado I went to The Covatilla to ski. I met many boys and girls to the same age as me.
I remember we sleep in the shelter of Llano Alto and had breakfast there too. After we were by bus to de Covatilla station. After we are waiting ten minutes we   gave our ski equipament and we ski wiht our monitors.
The first year we only ski on small track, but the second year we ski on big track.
Also remember that we food in the ski station but we dinner in the shelter.This school trip was like very much and I would like to go back a third time.

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  1. Correct: "We had lunch in the ski station but we had dinner..." "I liked this school trip very much...."
    Add "English" as a tag, too.